Facts and myths about Prague

Prague is one of the most popular cities not only in Czech Republic, but all over the world. Every summer there are thousands of tourists coming from United States, from whole Europe, Africa and Asia. It is very common for them to come to Prague for the first time with touristic guide and they very often either fall into “touristic traps” or they expect to see things in Prague, that are not typical for Prague. Here are some truths and false about what you can find in Prague and what you can´t.


Drugs – all the hear says about drugs being legal in Czechia are false. All kinds of drugs are illegal. From cocain, extasies to marihuana. None of those things are legal neither to buy or to use. So please stop asking for them in a bars or on the streets. You can end up in prison very quickly.

Tricky taxi drivers – now this is true. You have to be very careful about picking a taxi driver. Unfortunately, there are lots of taxi drivers, who will charge you insane money for your ride. Always double check your price first with the driver and let them turn the taxi meter on. If they do not have taxi meter on, you are not obliged to pay them without your receipt. Be careful here.


Overpriced food and drinks in city centre – true again. In many restaurants and pubs, they might charge you double money for your dish or drink. Just check the menu first before you order and if you see something cheesy, leave and pick the right place. You can always double check with trip advisor.

Prostitution – prostitution is not legal in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, very popular and very legal are erotic massages. Massages, that are kind of mind and body therapy, are very good thing and can bring you a nice experience. Always make sure you find a certified place and therapist for your erotic massage Prague.